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Types of Bail Conditions that Can Be Imposed

If you have been accused of a crime then the judge may allow you to post bail for your freedom until your case is heard. This may take several months or even more than a year, depending on the seriousness of the charge. However, the court imposes certain rules and conditions before releasing a person on bail. Violating a bail may result in serious consequences, such as having the bail revoked or a warrant for an arrest. Conditions imposed by a court may include:

  1. Conduct requirement:
  2. The accused is required to refrain from the crime that he or she has been charged with, as well as other criminal activities while out on bail. He or she is also required to avoid any association with felons.

  3. Court appearance:
  4. The accused must appear in court on the scheduled court date(s).

  5. Dangerous weapons:
  6. The accused must refrain from possessing a firearm, using destructive devices, or other dangerous weapons.

  7. Drugs and alcohol
  8. The accused must refrain from excessive use of alcohol, or use of narcotic drugs, or other controlled substances, without the prescription of a licensed medical practitioner.

  9. Contact restrictions:
  10. The accused is not allowed to contact the alleged victim.

  11. Location restrictions:
  12. The accused can be restricted from going to certain places.

  13. Residential:
  14. The court may order the accused to stay at a certain address or within a designated area while on bail.

  15. Curfew:
  16. The accused must comply with a specified curfew. They may be required to stay at a certain address at certain times.

  17. Reporting:
  18. The accused must report on a regular basis to a designated law enforcement agency, pre-trial services agency, or other agency.

  19. Surrender of passport:
  20. An accused person may be required to surrender a passport if he or she is considered a “flight risk”.

  21. Security:
  22. The accused or other acceptable persons (such as a family member) must agree to forfeit a specified amount of money in the event the accused fails to attend court as required. This condition is imposed if there is an unacceptable risk that the accused will fail to appear in court.

  23. Character acknowledgment:
  24. This is an acknowledgment given by an accepted person that he or she regards the accused person as a responsible person who is likely to comply with his or her bail acknowledgment.

  25. Accommodation requirement:
  26. The court may require suitable accommodation arrangements to be made for the accused person before he or she is released on bail.

  27. Enforcement condition:
  28. The court may require the accused to comply with specified directions, such as random urine testing. These conditions are only imposed at the request of the prosecutor.

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