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The Process of Getting Bailed Out of Jail

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Being jailed is not a pleasant feeling. For most people, after being arrested people want to get out of jail as quickly as possible. The following will give you a brief description of the process of getting bailed out of jail and will describe how long it takes to get out of jail.

Arrest, Booking, and Bail Hearing

When you are arrested, you will be taken to the police station and booked. In the jail, some processes such as fingerprinting, searching the national crime database, and processing the arrested are completed. After booking, you will be offered the option to pay bail. If this option is accepted, you will be released. Bail may be denied or may be extremely high if a very serious offense was committed, or you have a long criminal history, or if you pose a flight risk.

If you are not offered a chance to pay bail or you choose not to pay, you must wait in jail or a holding cell at the police station until a court hearing. The first hearing can sometimes occur on the same day of your arrest. In other cases, the hearing takes place the next day.

If the court hearing does not occur within 48 hours, you will be given a bail hearing. The judge may allow release without bail and you may be allowed to pay bail at that time or at a later time.

Arranging to Pay Bail

To secure your release, you can arrange to pay bail. You will be in jail for as long as it takes to pay the bail amount. Some people can’t afford to pay the full bail amount immediately, while others have to contact a friend or relative to pay the amount or arrange for collateral. You can get the services of bail bondsman to pay your bail and arrange for your release. Bail Agents charge only a small percentage of the full bail amount as a fee to obtain the defendant’s release. A bail agent from Apple Bail Bonds will provide you the following services:

  • Arranging for the client to be out of custody until his or her required appearance(s) in court—allowing him or her to spend time with family and friends at home.
  • Informing the client about the bond transaction as required by law
  • Ensuring the client appears to all scheduled court appearances.
  • Providing the location of the client if he or she fails to appear in court.
  • Appearing before the court regarding the bail bond, as needed.
  • Securing any collateral collected, until the case is concluded and the bond is exonerated by the court.

Get in Touch with Apple Bail Bonds to Get you Out of Jail

If you or your loved one needs to get out of jail, get in touch with Apple Bail Bonds. We are committed to helping people who have been charged with crimes get released from custody. Our bail bond agent will give you the personal attention you deserve, while at the same time prepare every available option for your bail. You can call us at 484-268-5663/610-432-1222 or email at

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