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Role of a PA Bail Bondsmen in Getting You Out of Jail

A bail bond is a surety provided to the court to get the defendant released from jail. By posting bail, you assure the court the defendant attends every trial. If the defendant attends all the scheduled court dates without missing any, the bail returns to the person who posted it. There are several types of bail, and the defendant must use the one specified by the court. The different types of bail are property bonds, cash only, Release on Own Recognizance (ROR), and cash with 10% option.

In property bail bonds, the property of the person posting the bail is surety. In cash only bails, the full bail amount in the form cash must be posted. In cash with 10 % option, ten percent of the total bail amount must be posted in cash. If the defendant fails to appear for any of the trials, then the remaining 90% of the bail amount is due. In the case of ROR, the defendant signs a written promise to attend all court trials. In most of the above cases, the defendant has to post the bail amount in the form of cash that may be a burden. This is where bail bondsmen come to the rescue.

Role of a Bail Bondsmen

A bail bondsman or a bail bond agency posts the bail bond in the court on the behalf of the defendant. The bail bondsman collects the details and paperwork of the defendant and files them immediately in the court, so as to get out the defendant out of jail as soon as possible.

Before the bail bondsman posts the bail amount, a representative for the defendant (usually a relative) must sign an agreement assuring the appearance of the defendant in court. This person is a co-signer. The bail bondsman provides the client with all the details of the bond transaction as required by law. The bondsman assists you with court appearances and makes sure that you do not miss any.

A licensed bail bondsman makes it easier for you to get out of jail without full bail bond money. Bail can be posted at the designated court location during court business hours. At other times, only cash or bail bond may be posted at the county correctional facility/jail.

Bail Bondsmen in Pennsylvania

If you need assistance with a bail bond in Lehigh County or the surrounding areas in Pennsylvania, then the bondsmen at Apple Bail Bonds can help. Even if you are in Southern Pennsylvania or anywhere else in the U.S., we may be able to refer you to a bail bond agency in your area. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are always ready to discuss your bail bond with you. You can call them at 484-268-5663 if are in need of bail bondsman services in PA.

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