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Responsibilities of a Bail Bond Co-Signer

When you post bail on the behalf of your friend or a family member, then you co-sign the bail bond document. This assures the bail bond company you are responsible for the bail amount if the defendant fails to appear in court.

What are the responsibilities of a co-signer?

1.The co-signer should make the defendant appear at every court date without fail.
2.If the defendant fails to appear in court, then the bail bond company hires a recovery agent to bring back the defendant. The co-signer would pay all this additional costs.
3.If the defendant cannot be located and brought to the court, then the bail bond company loses all the money and the co-signer has to pay the entire bail amount to the bail bond company.
Be smart, read the terms and conditions of bail bonds and take the history and background of the defendant into consideration before co-signing a bail bond. If you feel the defendant is planning to avoid court, then you can cancel the bond. Then the judge revokes the bail bond and sends the defendant to jail.

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