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How Does a Judge Determine Bail Amounts?

Bail Amount

When you or a loved one is arrested for a criminal offense and would like to be released from custody, you are required to pay a certain amount of money or other assets to the court for the release, with the understanding that you will be present in all the court hearings. This arrangement is called bail.

The intention for setting bail is not to punish the defendant, but it is a refundable security deposit to ensure that you show up in court. There are bail schedules which specify certain bail amounts for certain crimes. However, a judge can raise or lower the amount, considering the various aspects of the arrest. The judge can even waive the bail completely and release the person on his own cognizance if the person has a good moral and social standing.

Here are some aspects a judge considers while setting the bail amount:

Seriousness and Chances of Conviction for the Crime

The judge will consider the nature of the crime by looking into the evidence. The bail amount will be higher if the crime committed is of a violent and dangerous nature. If there is high chance of a conviction, the bail amount will be set higher with the intention of dissuading the defendant from absconding.

Criminal Records of the Defendant

If the defendant has a history of criminal conviction, the judge will most likely raise the amount of the bail, or, if the defendant is already on release in another criminal proceeding or on probation or parole, the judge can even deny the bail on grounds that the he or she may be a threat to the society.

Risk of Flight

If the defendant has strong ties with family and community, and is mentally and financially stable, the judge may be more lenient with the bail amount as these are indicators that the person is not a flight risk. But the judge may raise the amount if there are previous convictions and failures to appear in court, because the chances of repeating the same action are greater.

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