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How Bail Bonds System Works in Pennsylvania?

Bail bond

How the Bail Bond System Works in Pennsylvania?

Understanding the bail bond system in Pennsylvania (PA) is important when trying to get your loved one out of jail. Knowledge of the system will make the entire process easy.

The Bail Bond System in Pennsylvania

Unlike New York, where the bail must be paid in cash, in Pennsylvania, either a private home or commercial real estate property can be used as collateral. However, property can be used only if it well exceeds the amount of the bail.

Like all other states, a defendant in PA gets the opportunity to post bail. The amount of the bail will be issued based on the judge’s discretion and often depends on the defendant’s record and the crime for which he or she was arrested. For example, in misdemeanour cases, a judge may set a bail amount at $10,000 or less depending on the severity of the crime. In felony cases, a bail amount can be set very high and most often it is not granted at all.

Bail Bond Charges and Fess in Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania bail bond company generally charges 10% of the total bail in the form of a non-refundable fee that can be paid by the defendant, a family member or a friend on behalf of the defendant. In most cases, people do not have the 10% of the bail amount, so the bail bond company often takes collateral in the form of jewelry, electronics or a car for the 10%. The bail bondsman agrees to pay the remaining amount of the bail to the court if the defendant promises to appear for court dates.

In situations where a defendant does not appear for court dates, the bail bond agency may sue or seize the defendant’s assets in order to cover the cost to the court.

Once the bail phase is over and the defendant appeared in all court dates, all assets that were signed over as collateral will be returned to the defendant.

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