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My friend has been arrested and needs a bail bondsman to get him out of jail. What are his different bond options?

bail bond


At Apple Bail Bonds we offer different types of bond options, such as

  • Surety bonds - This is the most common type of bail bond. A third party usually secures the bail for the defendant using the services of a bail bondsman. They come to an agreement about loan terms and release stipulations. Collateral is put up for the loan, and the bail bondsman secures the defendant’s release.
  • Immigration bonds - This type of bond is reserved for illegal immigrants who require bail. It is the most expensive type of bail bond.
  • Federal bonds - A federal bail bond is used in case of federal crimes that lie outside the jurisdiction of state authorities. Here a person is required to sign an agreement with the court that they will repay the bail in the event he or she is released.
  • Property bonds - In this type of bail bond, property is used as collateral against the bail. Any type of property can be used. The person putting up the bond has to have full rights to the property. The value of the property has to be twice the amount of the bail.