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Can the bail agent arrest me and put me back in jail?

Can the bail agent arrest me and put me back in jail?

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A bond agent has the ability to arrest the defendant at any time, if they have a legitimate reason:

  • If the defendant provides false information on bail application.
  • If the defendant leaves the jurisdiction of the court without permission or consent.
  • If there is a material or detrimental change in the collateral posted by the defendant or one acting on defendant’s behalf.
  • It the defendant changes their address or phone number or employer without reasonable notice to the bail agent.
  • If the defendant is arrested for another crime, other than a minor traffic violation, while on bail.
  • If the defendant fails to appear in court at any appointed time.
  • If a court of competent jurisdiction finds guilt against the defendant.
  • If the defendant does anything or commits any act that reasonably and verifiably leads the bail agent to believe that he will cause a forfeiture of the bond, breach of the bond or violation of the original bond condition.

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