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Facts about Co-Signing a Bail Bond Agreement

If a person is arrested for committing a crime, the court will at times, release the accused from jail only if the offender can afford the security amount that is set by the law. A bail works by releasing a defendant in exchange for money that the court holds until all proceedings and trials surrounding the accused person are complete. The court hopes that the defendant will show up for his or her court dates in order to recover the bail.

When you post bond on behalf of your friend or family member, you will probably have to co-sign the bail bond agreement. Before signing it, the co-signer has to be aware of the responsibilities.

Following are the responsibilities of a bail bond co-signer:

  • The co-signer should make sure that the defendant will show up for all court trials as promised.
  • If the defendant fails to appear in court, then the co-signer might be responsible for paying additional fees like bounty hunting, fugitive recovery and the bail amount to the bail bond company, if it is unrecoverable.
  • You may be required to surrender the collateral to the bail bond company to cover the cost of bail in case the defendant fails to appear in court.

Before you take responsibility of signing a bail bond agreement, you should have a clear idea of risks involved. If you need any bail bond services in Allentown PA or its surrounding areas, contact Apple Bail Bonds immediately. We are available 24/7 and are ready to help you with no hidden costs. Call at 484- 268 5663 for bail bond services in Allentown PA.

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