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What You Must Know About Bail Bond

When you are dealing with bail, you need to know what to expect. By having a clear idea, you can efficiently use bail services in your state.

Bail Bonds

Bail bonds are required in almost all cases. In general, a bail bondsman requires 10% of the bail amount. He in turn posts that along with the remaining 90%, with the court. This 10% is non-refundable even if you satisfy all conditions and attend all court appearances.

Amount of Bail

The amount of bail varies by state, and also by circumstances. Anything like attempting to harm a witness or displaying bad behaviour can affect the bail amount.

Factors Considered When Determining Bail

When determining bail, various factors are considered. These could include previous criminal history, job status, family status, and likelihood of attending court.

Conditions of Bail

The conditions of bail can include things such as no contact with witnesses, no further criminal activity, and sobriety if charge involves drugs.


The co-signer of a bail bond is responsible for the defendant. The co-signer is required to put down any expensive property that can be seized by the bail bond agency in case of a problem.

Violations of Bail

Violating bail means bail will be revoked, and jail time is possible. If the violation is minor in the judge’s view, then it’s possible bail may not be revoked.

Bounty Hunters

If the defendant flees, then a bail bondsman can track the defendant and bring them to court. This bondsman is a bounty hunter.

Bail Bonds in Pennsylvania

Bail bondsmen at Apple Bail Bonds in Pennsylvania are experience and professional. We work with you in a friendly and respectful manner. If you need a bail bond in Pennsylvania, then call 484-268-5663.

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