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What Happens if an Immigrant Fails to Appear in Court While Out of Custody on a Bond

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There is a substantial risk of immigrants failing to appear in court while out on an immigration bond. This is one of the main reasons why immigration bonds are expensive. The higher the flight risk, the higher the bond amount. USA Today reported that the price of immigration bail bonds has tripled in the last few years.

So, if an immigrant fails to appear in court while out on an immigration bond, the bond will be revoked. The court will then forfeit the bond. This means that any money or property that has been put up to secure the defendant’s release will be turned over to the court. However, the immigrant will be given a final chance to appear in court and justify his or her failure to appear before the forfeiture is finalized.

If the immigrant is found to have returned to detention to await deportation, a bench warrant will be issued for his or her immediate arrest.

In addition, the bail bond agent will have the right to sue the immigrant and his or her family for repayment of the bond.

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